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scalp brush kenzan soft - uka
scalp brush kenzan soft - uka

scalp brush kenzan soft - uka

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<scalp brush kenzan soft>

In the summer of 2016, uka's first gear, the ukascalp brush "kenzan", was released as a soft type!
The popular “kenzan” is the product that has received the largest number of voices in the past, saying “Thank you for making such a product”.

The best way to enjoy kenzan is to use it "comfortably".
It may be different depending on the day, so if you are satisfied with "kenzan", you should definitely try "kenzan soft"!
Especially, the condition of the top of the head, which is easily affected by stress and female hormones, can easily change, so please choose a comfortable one.

Product features

1) A scalp brush made of silicone.

2) Suitable for scalp cleansing, shampooing, applying scalp serum.
Recommended for pushing points.

3) It has a softer touch than normal kenzan, so it can be used comfortably on scalp who want to suppress irritation.

how to use

・ When shampooing, lather your hair firmly and gently massage your scalp before washing.
・ Apply the scalp serum and use it while moving the brush in a zigzag manner so as to pull it up from the bottom.


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