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Supervised by a popular personal Pilates trainer Yuka Hoshino, "Myofascial release therapy using a needle roller" with 272 acupuncture needles containing titanium, which is said to regulate bioelectric current. And it’s used painless medical grade silicone. You can comfortably loosen up the areas where you feel tired such as the scalp, face line, décolletage, shoulders, fingertips, and toes. Self-care anytime, anywhere for stress-free life.

A charismatic trainer who pioneered “Hogu-Pila”, an original method of adjusting body alignment while relaxing the body. This method is highly trusted by prominent actresses, models, talents, and beauticians. The popularity of her sessions are tremendous, as all clients unanimously say, “is painless” , “definitely helps to build an alluring body” , “can see the immediate effect” , and has been featured in many media and receiving a lot of attention.


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  • Body Meditation Roller - EKATO.
    Body Meditation Roller - EKATO.
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