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New in town: (ki:ts) London Shop

Shop from the best small and independent brands from across the UK and Japan


Located just a stone’s throw from Selfridges on Duke Street, our concept shop features (ki:ts)’s range of handmade leather handbags and accessories, along with a curated edit of eclectic products from independent brands from across the UK and Japan. From premium accessories, high-quality denim and handcrafted woven scarves to British skincare products and so much more, you’re guaranteed to find something special for your friends, family or yourself!

Japanese brands:

  • 公長齋小菅(Kochosai Kosuga) : Bamboo products founded in the Kyoto region in 1898.
  • TANAKA : New-York based clothing brand influenced by art & nature in Japan. 
  • THROW: Luxury scarves, wraps and throws from Japan.
  • 久右エ門(Kyuemon) : Ceramic filter made with impeccable craftsmanship from Aritayaki.
  • @aroma : Wide range of natural aromas from Tokyo.
  • uka : For busy men and woman with high standards and little time. Hair and body care, the natural and organic nail oils.
  • LOVE CHROME : From tradition to innovation, Japanese chrome.
  • THING FABRICS : Made with the Finest Japanese fabrics, called Imabari pile fabrics. T-shirts and hand towels.
  • KINTO : Japanese brand aspiring to create products that enrich your everyday life.
  • 暮らしの香り(Kurashi no Kaori) : New Japanese fragrance brand, started in 2021.
  • hibi : Natural “aroma” for 10 minutes every day.
  • MERI : Zori (room shoes) are made using skills passed down from the previous generations in Northeastern Japan, and one craftsperson is only able to make two to three pairs a day.
  • decka : Socks that complement every expression of style, personality, and spirit.
  • metaphys : Design consortium brand.
  • suwada : Cutting tools for the highest quality manicure.
  • 炭谷三郎商店 (Sumitani Saburo Shoten) : Exquisite tools enrich the lives of those who use them
  • WWS : Work Wear Suit / unisex / machine washable/ water repellent. 
  • nuno : Japanese fabric / blend the traditional and the contemporary.
  • soil : Quickly dried bath mat & soap dish using diatomaceous earth.
  • MAKANAI : "Japanese Beauty Secret" It can feel the two mysterious atmosphere in day and night time.
  • Syouryu : the proprietary brand of Shimatani Syouryu Koubou, a workshop that has been a specialist manufacturer of orin bowl gongs for Buddhist temples since its establishment in 1909.
  • 松久永助紙店 ( Matsuhisa Eisuke Kamiten) : Founded in 1876, Mino-washi brand.
  • EKATO. : in the age of the 100-year life, bring out your own beauty for years to come falling love your skin with EKATO.
  • 52 BY HIKARU MATSUMURA : This is the new life product brand that challenges “Experimental design” founded by Hikaru Matsumura in 2018.
  • HA KO : This unique leaf-shaped incense is the first and only washi paper incense. They are handcrafted by a family-run business with a history of over 120 years located in beautiful Awaji island, which is known as the birthplace of Japanese incense culture.
  • BLACK LETTERS : Their product is made from “megumi” which is from nature in Chichibu, Japan.
  • Yu-ito : Japanese knit brand that spins the material of the future.
  • YAMAtune : Japanese outdoor socks brand that would naturally blend into our lives.
  • Akita Craft : Magewappa / Kawatsura Lacquerare / Kabazaiku ( Cherry Bark Craftwork) / Oketaru (Japanese Barrel)


British brands:

  • Harvest : Organic, ethical and simple skincare handmade in Birmingham.
  • Bar Jewellery : Contemporary jewellery brand, every piece is made in London to reduce its carbon footprint.
  • Dor & Tan : Contemporary ceramics tableware handcrafted in St Ives with locally sourced Cornish clay.
  • Black Score : Capsule collection with (ki:ts) T-shirts, sweatshirts and wine bags. 
  • a conscious edit : Created to help unify the mind with the intuition of the body.
  • GALLIVANT : An award-winning indie perfume maker from London, founded and created by Nick Steward.
  • Laboratory Perfumes : British scent specialists Laboratory Perfumes was founded by Aaron Firth in 2011.
  • mariko tsuchiyama : Hand crafted jewellery using pearls cultured in farms from her home town.
  • SEARCH & DESTORY : Cult Vintage Boutique located in East London.
  • PASSARELLA DEATH SQUAD : Founded in 2004 by artist & musician Danny Broddle, London based Passarella Death Squad is the complete aesthetic experience encompassing clothing, music and art. 
  • The Printer’s Devil : Stephen designs and uses his own blocks inspired by centuries old techniques, processes and the culture of wood block printing.
  • Brit Bones : Created by an artist Brit Bones. The quotes and illustrations support and encourage you.
  • OLIVIA TAYLOR : Handmade sustainable jewellery inspired by Japanese architecture
  • NEANDERTAL : Fragrance for modern human. Hand in London, UK.
  • Sarah Baker : Independent luxury fragrance brand based in London.
  • Gabar : A Mayanmar & UK rooted mind-body beauty brand.


    Special thanks:

    • VITSOE : Our shop shelving by Vitsoe, designed by Dieter Rams in 1960.
    • tala : Sustainable LED lighting, designed to last.
    • ercol : Our shop furniture by ercol founded by Lucian R Ercolani  in 1920.
    • good mood matcha : 



      Experience and shop innovative brands that showcase the versatility and creativity of today’s makers, plus a selection of iconic photo books and fashion magazines – from AnOther, Dazed, 10 Magazine and Hunger to i-D!

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