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New Leaves Candle - Kurashi no Kaori
New Leaves Candle - Kurashi no Kaori
New Leaves Candle - Kurashi no Kaori

New Leaves Candle - Kurashi no Kaori

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New Leaves: The cherry blossoms have fallen, and new leaves are quietly growing. The soft green foliage is dancing in the wind. Let this refreshing fragrance of lush, fresh greenery cleanse both your mind and soul. 

The fragrance candle is pure white candle using a wood chip as a wick.

It is made one by one at their atelier and they have special recipes with commitment to warm light.

<How to use>

Use with the dedicated vessel.

*Recommend using long lighter.

*Do not touch the candle until it cools down. It’ll break.

*Do not leave the candle unattended putting the fire.


Soy wax, Oils, Fragrance


Made in Japan

<Burning duration> Approx 20 hours

<Precautions for use>

-Use properly following suggestions.

-Do not drink and eat.

-Do not use near flammable things.

-Do not leave and sleep while using. Put out the fire after use.

-Do not touch the candle just after use. It is high temperature and easy to destroy.

-Do not keep near fire, flame or heat. Keep away from children and pets.

-Use it in the place that is flat and doesn’t affect wind. Be careful with unexpected drop.

-Do not put the candle on furniture and plastic products directly. It may cause to change colour, quality and shape.

-No problem if it is bumpy. And then it’s fine if some ingredients changed colour and crystalized.

-Burning duration may change depends on the usage environment.


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