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Mino Washi Socks / Bincho Charcoal Grey - Matsuhisa Eisuke Kamiten
Mino Washi Socks / Bincho Charcoal Grey - Matsuhisa Eisuke Kamiten

Mino Washi Socks / Bincho Charcoal Grey - Matsuhisa Eisuke Kamiten

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Extra absorbent and deodorizing
Washable and reusable socks made with washi

The washi fabric is 1.3 times more moisture and water absorbent than the cotton fabric, and it also has thermal insulating properties.
These socks keep your feet cool and dry in summer, and the air pockets keep your feet warm in winter. Moisture absorbent properties prevent the bacterial growth, and deodorizing effects come into play.
Washi is a great anti-pilling material. No matter how many times you wear these socks, they will remain lint-free.

Washi made of Manila hemp is shredded into 2mm strips and spun. Washi yarn is then woven with cotton yarn to increase its durability.

<Product Information>

Materials: Washi, cotton, polyester and polyurethane

GREY with white charcoal (Bincho Charcoal)
Materials: Washi, cotton, rayon (with white charcoal), polyester and polyurethane

Materials: Washi, organic cotton, polyester and polyurethane

Long and short styles available in two sizes:


How to care:
Washing machine safe (Please do not use bleech)
*The strength of fabric may decrease when it remains wet, but it will regain its strength when it dries.

<About Matsuhisa Eisuke Kamiten>

Matsuhisa Eisuke Kamiten was established as a wholesaler by Eisuke Matsuhisa the 2nd in 1876, and we have been selling Mino Washi paper since then. Currently we carry handmade washi paper and machine-made washi paper, as well as socks, towels and paper threads. We have also been processing washi paper materials for medical use, vacuum bags and so on. In recent years, the demand for paper threads and paper thread products has been increasing, and we are planning to continuously develop new products.


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