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Koro 18 - syouryu
Koro 18 - syouryu

Koro 18 - syouryu

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<Suzugami / Tin paper>

すずがみ (Suzugami) short film



The suzugami and koro (tin plate and rolling pin) are like a pencil and eraser. With a pencil you write things, then rub out your mistakes to return the paper to its original state. With the suzugami you can make various shapes, then you can use the koro to roll the suzugami flat again and return it to its original flat state.

*There is a slightly different colour because it is a natural wood.


About Syouryu

‘Syouryu’ is the proprietary brand of Shimatani Syouryu Koubou, a workshop that has been a specialist manufacturer of orin bowl gongs for Buddhist temples since its establishment in 1909.
There are three orin artisans at this workshop (there are only ten in all of Japan), who create orin gongs by hammering down metal to create a round shaped gong with a nicely tuned sound. Our aim is to continue to make new products using this metal hammering technique.


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