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GEM BATH MAT / M - soil
GEM BATH MAT / M - soil
GEM BATH MAT / M - soil
GEM BATH MAT / M - soil
GEM BATH MAT / M - soil

GEM BATH MAT / M - soil

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<GEM Bathmat>

<GEM Bathmat M>

Dimension : 425*425*9.5

GEM bathmats are made from a combination of diatomaceous earth and vermiculite that offer superior water absorbency qualities. After a short period of time water will be abosrbed and later evaporate. The groove in the bathmat is one of the design innovations that allows you to stand with comfort on the mat. The glitter in the mat is from black mica found in the vermiculite. You can use the mat without concern as it is made of safe eco-friendly materials.

  • Materials Used

Diatomaceous earth from Akita Prefecture and paper pulp. The colour is the natural colour of the material.

  • Precautions for Use 

Do not place the bathmat inside the shower recess or bath
Do not immerse the bathmat in water
The side with logo is the top
Periodically dry the bathmat in a shady well ventilated area (do not expose it to the sun as it can cause it to warp or crack)
Do not use on heated floors
When storing ensure the mat is dry


  • Care and Cleaning

Do not use detergents or other cleaning agents
Use sandpaper to remove stains and marks
Should the mat’s water absorbency deteriorate restore it by sanding the mat with sandpaper
The mat will last a minimum of two years


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