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feuille Bowl / 27cm Matte Black - miyama x metaphys
feuille Bowl / 27cm Matte Black - miyama x metaphys
feuille Bowl / 27cm Matte Black - miyama x metaphys

feuille Bowl / 27cm Matte Black - miyama x metaphys

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feuille Plate 11cm / 17cm / 23cm / 29cm

           Bowl 12cm / 16cm / 21cm / 27cm

The feuille was inspired by beautiful shapes made from nature, like growth rings. The soft edge line will make your table more fulfilling as layering each other.

Care: Dishwasher-safe

Material: white porcelains

Size: W265mm×D265×H75mm

 Weight: Approximately 710g

 Design and Made in Japan


About metaphys

METAPHYS endeavors to simply challenge how much “design” can support industrial manufacturing. I would like to emphasize, that the term “design” used within this context, refers to that beyond colors and shapes. Various companies within different professions gather as a single brand with a single concept, and by looking closely at each agenda of the company, we aim to reevaluate their message and explore their core substance. Although each company holds a different status, and caters for different markets, the message that can be sent with one accord as a METAPHYS partner comes with edification and the CSR, and is able to produce resonance that could not otherwise be achieved with a single company. A single water droplet becomes a river when united into a collective motion, just as a small voice develops into a unified thought. When the rivers magnitude meets that of human wisdom and overflows, the endeavor of METAPHYS will become a familiar sight.

About miyama

Miyama established in 1977. At that time, the potter’s wheel was the preferred method of production, but it was difficult to produce western tableware using this method. Miyama was the first manufacturer to begin using the casting method in order to solve the issue. Mold casting is the most suitable method for mass production, yet, every craftsman in Miyama works on their task conscientiously with their hands which give a charming flavor to their tableware. One of their main features is the white porcelain with high transparency on which soft decorations are applied, resulting in a simple but quaint aesthetic. Miyama is also good at making elaborate products such as intricately shaped tea pots. They are making both Western and Japanese tableware like tea sets and small plates and producing not only tableware for commercial use but also for daily use.


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