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Polar Beer Cafe (Shirokuma Cafe) / Aloha Higa - Special Prints

(ki:ts) London shop launches a special collaboration with manga artist, Aloha Higa.

(ki:ts) London shop relationship with Aloha Higa, when director of (ki:ts) Takaharu Osako invited Aloha Higa to participate in (ki:ts) London shop. 

The collaboration is 4 special prints, featuring artwork by Polar Bear Cafe. The prints used are a combination of main character portraits by the artist, in all in Polar Bear Cafe original illustration. 


Polar Bear Cafe (Shirokuma Cafe) by Aloha Higa

Polar Bear Café is a comic by Aloha Higa about a pun-loving polar bear who runs his own café. His top regulars include a carefree panda and an emperor penguin who loves his caffè mocha. The comic features what goes on in their daily lives as Polar Bear tries to fit in a pun every chance that he gets. The comic has been running since 2006 and it even has its own 50-episode anime series that aired in 2012. The characters and story are as charming, warm, and comforting as a cup of coffee poured by Polar Bear himself.


All prints are singed by Aloha Higa 


Polar Bear Cafe
Polar Bear





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