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We announce with new item from EKATO.


“Taking professional treatment by yourself”


EKATO produce the body meditation roller supervised by Yuka Hoshino.


The body meditation roller is made by 272 titanium acupunctures and some several types of needles.

It works for the blood flow to body and getting tie of the swelling.



You can comfortably loosen up the areas where you feel tired such as the scalp, face line, décolletage, shoulders, fingertips, and toes.

Best to use…

- Before makeup 

- Daily self-care 

- After using computer or phone for long hours

- Quick and easy care during travelling 




Yuka Hoshino

Personal trainer/ Brand producer

One of the famous personal trainer in Japan. A lot of Japanese celebrities also go to her studio.

Publishing the book “Hogupira” which is written about how to loose up the body.

Official Instagram


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