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[New Brand] Yu-ito

New Brand at (ki:ts) London shop


「結糸-YU・ITO-」is a knit brand from Japan.

They are grateful for the blessings of the earth,

such as organic cotton, silk, linen, and wool,

and make knit items that can be used

for a long time with all our heart.



 We have stocked many winter items which made of baby alpaca.

These are so soft, warm and not itchy!

Absolutely essential for winter.

If you’re not ready for winter, check it out👀‼️



Also we stocked belly bands for dogs(pets)🐶


This is made of "noi silk", which is spun from the cotton

that is generated when spinning silk.

It is an ecologica and high-quality yarn

that has a high moisture retention and water absorbency.

The gentleness of high-quality silk is the closest material

to animal skin.



All Yu-ito products are available online and in store

 (ki:ts) Online shop



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