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Kaoru Pottery Matcha Bowl

(Ki:ts) x Kaoru Pottery Exclusive Matcha Bowls have been restocked at our shop and online!!!!!!!
Kaoru is a new Japanese potter in London which make contemporary handmade bowls, plates, cups and various things.
- Kairagi (Grey)
“Kairagi” means “Plum tree skin” this effect is often found on the lower part of old Japanese matcha bowls.
- Tanba (Dark Brown)
”Tanba” the brown glaze complements the black clay, producing a rich dark brown which combines beautifully with matcha green.
- Haku (White)
“Haku” means white. Using a slightly opaque white on black clay crates warmth on the surface and beautiful rim to the bowl.
Enjoy drinking Matcha with these beautiful Matcha bowl!!!!

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