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From the original birthplace of incense : 薫寿堂 (KUNJUDO)

The oldest recorded writing about incense is in "The Chronicles of Japan",where it states that aromatic wood drifted onto Awaji Island. Now Awaji Island's year-long mild climate, surrounded by sea and mountains, contributes to the biggest incense production in Japan. The history of fragrance breathes throughout the island.

Kunjudo founded over 130 years ago

Kunjudo, established in 1893 on Awaji Island, has carefully chosen Fragrant Masters and artisans creating stable, high quality products, not least, of which is traditional "incense", using technical capabilities cultivated over many years, while we also constantly explore new uses of "incense" in daily life.



From the birthplace of Japanese incense comes a new way to enjoy the transformative effects of fragrance. Made from Japanese washi paper, Kunjudo incense will infuse any space with a feeling of tranquility, whether displayed as potpourri or left to quietly smolder. Place one on your desk, in your car, near your entryway, or anywhere a touch of fragrance is desired.





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