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Kassa (Gua Sha) - Heart
Kassa (Gua Sha) - Heart
Kassa (Gua Sha) - Heart
Kassa (Gua Sha) - Heart
Kassa (Gua Sha) - Heart
Kassa (Gua Sha) - Heart

Kassa (Gua Sha) - Heart

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Our heart-shaped tool is made of Rose Quartz, which has traditionally been used to repair, de-stress and decongest complexions and is designed to glide over the contours of the face.

Kassa, is an ancient Chinese massage technique which has been used for centuries to form a mindful skincare ritual.

Our Rose Quartz Kassa can be used daily to create a ritual of calm and inner peace as part of your usual skincare routine.

Also known as Gua Sha, Kassa have been used for millennia by Asian women as beauty accessories. Like genuine jewellery, these semi-precious stones are cut by hand to fit closely all face shapes.

Facial massage with a Kassa boasts many benefits for the skin:

  • facial muscles stimulation
  • lymphatic drainage and blood flow enhancement
  • detox 
  • better absorption of skincare products
  • glowy skin

Directions: After cleansing, warm a few drops of facial oil in the hands and apply to the neck and face in upward circles.

Working with the Kassa in the same hand as the side of the face, always begin at the centre, smoothing and draining away towards the ear, with the tool flat against the skin.

Repeat these motions across the forehead, under the eyes, from the nose across the cheekbones, and along the chin and jaw line. End by smoothing from behind the ear and draining down the neck.

As this technique aids circulation, you may notice a warmth and redness in your face, but at no point should this be uncomfortable. If so, stop immediately and apply less pressure in the future. Avoid any spots or areas of broken skin and simply work around these.

Looking after your Kassa : Your tool can be be cleaned with soap and water before storing carefully after use.


H5cm x W8cm

100% Natural Rose Quartz


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