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BLUE PERIOD / LAST SUMMER - ARAKINEMA (Nobuyoshi Araki) - 1st Edition

BLUE PERIOD / LAST SUMMER - ARAKINEMA (Nobuyoshi Araki) - 1st Edition

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Blue Period / Last Summer: Arakinema shines light on a lesser known project of Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki - the experimental films that comprise his performance series “Arakinema”,

Two essential films of Araki’s “Arakinema” series are recreated in this publication by Session Press. In both “Blue Period” and “Last Summer”, nudes and portraits alternate with floral scenes and street snaps. Working directly from the 140 original slides used for both projections, the book successfully offers a fresh review of the photographer’s hidden oeuvre and regains the true spirit and atmosphere of the original Arakinema performances.

“The two films should be seen as a set, since Blue Period is about the past and Last Summer is about the future. By removing color using a chemical solution, Blue Period is about an act of subtraction (past), whereas adding color to the images in Last Summer is about an act of addition (future). This project is just like life itself.” — Nobuyoshi Araki


Book Size : 260 x 178.3 mm

Pages : 216 pages

Binding : Softcover with shipcase

Publication : Date2017, Session Press / Dashwood Books

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