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NUNO Scarf : Japanese brand


At Nuno—which is Japanese for fabric—they blend the traditional and the contemporary. Since they start in 1984, Nuno has worked exclusively with weavers and dyers in Japan, combining old practices with new technologies to create textiles that are original, distinctive, and fresh.

NunoWorks was launched in 2002 as a showcase for hand-printed textiles—silk-screened, stamped, or stenciled—that are bold and modern. As they go forward, their energies are focused on taking the next step for Nuno.

At Nuno, textiles are our language, our inspiration, our aspiration. Textiles tell our story.

When they create their textiles, nature and tradition are woven with technology. They has been able to continue creating contemporary and innovative textiles that are timeless, durable and functionally unique. Environmentally responsible, they
has been committed to reducing waste by up cycling all scraps and focusing on using kibiso, the outer layer of the silk cocoon.

When we see their textiles, a moment of the future is glimpsed.
When we touch their textiles, they breathe and we feel at ease.
When we listen to the language of textiles, the message is beautiful.


Now, available at our shop and online.

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