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Shampoo Nighty night - uka

Shampoo Nighty night - uka

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<Shampoo Nighty night>

Nighty Night, a uka shampoo that gives your hair a lustrous and moisturizing finish.

Contents: 300mL

Product features

1) Gently wash the amino acid cleansing ingredient, cocoyl alanine Na, and use argan oil and rose water to lead to moist and easy-to-hold hair. In addition, the rich foam repairs damaged hair to shiny and moisturized hair. The volume is reduced and a calm finish is achieved.

2) Blends 15 kinds of amino acid-based cleaning ingredients to make up for the ingredients that have leaked due to peeling of the cuticle.

3) Amino acids and cleansing ingredients derived from high quality plants gently wash hair and body with fine and light foam.

4) By blending γ-docosalactone, a hair repairing ingredient, continuous use will prevent split hair, cut hair, split ends and keep supple and healthy hair.

Fragrance: A heavy woody note mainly composed of sandalwood and natural damask rose flower water are used to make it gorgeous and sexy. It is a scent that makes you feel the quietness of the night and feels relaxed and calm.

how to use

Lather an appropriate amount with the palm of your hand, apply it to your wet hair and lather well. Wrap your head in a fine and light foam, and leave it for 2 minutes. The amino acid foam delivers the components that have flowed out due to the peeling of the cuticle to your hair.

Content ingredient

* Water ・ * Damask rose flower water ・ ○ * Cocoyl alanine Na ・ * Lauramide propyl betaine ・ * Cocamidopropyl betaine ・ * Na chloride ・ * Propanediol / Pentylene glycol ・ * Cocamidomethyl MEA ・ ○ * Na cocoyl glutamate ・ ○ * Cocoyl glutamic acid 2Na ・ ○ * Cocoyl threonine Na ・ * Agania spinosa kernel oil ・ * PEG-60 hydrogenated castor oil ・ * Sage leaf extract ・ * Rosemary leaf extract ・ * Aloe vera leaf extract ・ * Yuzu extract ・ * Salmon oil ・* Damask rose flower extract ** Scented Acacia oil * Patchouli oil * Amiri balsamifera bark oil * Hiba oil * Palmarosa oil * Eucalyptus leaf oil * Arginine * Aspartic acid * Glycine * Glutamic acid * O Alanine, ○ Serine, ○ Valine, ○ Isoleucine, ○ Threonine, ○ Proline ・ ○ Histidine ・ ○ Phenylalanine ・ ○ Leucine ・ ○ Lysine ・ ○ PCA ・ ○ PCA-Na ・ * Soy Sterol ・ * Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride ・ Behentrimonium Chloride ・ * Dimergiclinoleic Acid Dimergylinoleyl ・ * Trial (Caprylic acid / Capric acid) Glyceryl / Polyglyceryl laurate / Polyquaternium-7 / Quaternium-18 / * γ-docosalactone / Ethanol / Isopropanol / Etidronic acid 4Na / Citric acid / Lactic acid Na / BG / Na benzoate / Fragrance

◯ Amino acids or amino acid-based ingredients * Naturally-derived ingredients

90% natural ingredients


<About uka>

Founded by Kiho Watanabe, an internationally renowned nail artist, the brand uka is revolutionizing the world of handcare and hair care by offering its demanding customers products designed to adapt to their specific needs and urban lifestyle.

uka total beauty salons, very popular among Japanese people, are known for the high quality services they provide and the luxurious setting in which they welcome their guests with an unrivaled hospitality.


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