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Scalp Cleansing Deep & Light - uka

Scalp Cleansing Deep & Light - uka

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Ukascalp cleansing, deep & light, that can cleanse excess oil on the scalp with fine bubbles.
Please use before shampoo.

Contents: 200ml

Product features

1) Scalp cleansing using an amino acid and a plant-derived cleaning ingredient. Contains Gagome Extract and Senburi Extract to keep your scalp and hair healthy. Rich amino acids spread throughout the scalp, keeping it healthy.

2) Coenzyme Q10, which protects the scalp and hair from environmental damage and keeps them healthy, and sage. Gives the scalp necessary and often-missing ingredients.

3) It is hypoallergenic because it contains the same amino acid as hair and skin ingredients as a cleaning ingredient. You can use it every day.

Fragrance: A natural fragrance such as eucalyptus and mint, with the addition of an antibacterial tea tree, it is a fresh and clean scent that makes you feel refreshed.

how to use

Step1. Brush the entire scalp before application. Remove excess dirt beforehand to improve circulation.

Step2. Thoroughly moisten not only hair but also scalp and rinse away dirt. As it is a nozzle type, apply an appropriate amount directly on the entire scalp and apply it to the entire head from the hairline to the crown.
* Uka's scalp cleansing is for washing the scalp, so the point is to apply a cleansing agent to the scalp, not to the hair.

Step3. Rinse with a massage, like pulling up the scalp with your finger pads, and rinse thoroughly after washing.

Content ingredient

* Water * Lauryl glucoside * Glycerin * Propanediol * ◯ Na cocoyl glutamate * ◯ * Cocoyl glutamic acid 2Na * ◯ * Cocoyl alanine Na * ◯ * Cocoyl threonine Na * Cocamidopropyl betaine * Hydrogenated lecithin * Ubiquinone ・ * Tocopherol ・ * Sage leaf extract ・ * Sembri extract ・ * Gagome extract ・ * Bilberry leaf extract ・ * Tea tree leaf oil ・ * Spearmint oil ・ * Eucalyptus leaf oil ・ * Mentha oil ・ * Lemongrass oil ・ * Lemon oil ・* Laurel oil, * Lime oil, * Na alginate, ◯ Arginine, ◯ Aspartic acid, ◯ Glycine, ◯ Glutamic acid, ◯ Alanine, ◯ Serine, ◯ Valine, ◯ Isoleucine, ◯ Threonine, ◯ Proline, ◯ Histidine, ◯ Phenylalanine, ◯ Leucine / ◯ lysine / ◯ PCA / ◯ PCA-Na Zosterol ・ * Allantoin ・ * Guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride ・ Pentylene glycol ・ 1,2-Hexanediol ・ Caprylyl glycol ・ Polyglyceryl-10 trilaurate / Ethylmenthanecarboxamide ・ Ethanol ・ Na 4 Etidronate ・ Na Lactate ・ BG・ Fragrance 

◯ Amino acids or amino acid-based ingredients * Naturally-derived ingredients
96% naturally-derived ingredients


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