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Plans For Other Days - Janfamily - 1st Edition
Plans For Other Days - Janfamily - 1st Edition

Plans For Other Days - Janfamily - 1st Edition

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London: Booth-Clibborn Editions 2005
Condition: Good,Secondhand,The inside is clean. See the photos of the front and back cover(aging).

Janfamily - Plans for other days presents a catalogue of suggestions on how to engage with everyday life in our fleeting, fast-moving world. Janfamily is a group of young artists that share a unique approach to life. They explore the things that surround them, and together they create alternatives to everyday routines. Janfamily - Plans for other days, their first publication, is a manifesto of their philosophy: it is a 'how to' book, a list of proposals on how to relate to our own surroundings. By offering solutions to problems such as 'How to soften a challenge' and 'How not to do what you did yesterday', we are invited to revisit the simple things in life that are often ignored or unnoticed. Janfamily - Plans for other days is a humorous yet touching presentation of an alternative way of looking at the world. Authors Based in London, Jan is a family of artists and designers working in a wide variety of forms. The work they produce is not media-specific but is tied together by a common approach based on personal fascinations. Projects take such different forms as songs, clothes, photography and films. Janfamily was founded in London in 2004 by Royal College of Art graduates Nina Jan Beier and Marie Jan Lund. They were later joined by Daniel Jan Mair, Chosil Jan Kil and Makin Jan Ma. Janfamily has self-published two book projects with great success and are currently producing a series of exhibitions in Tokyo, Milan, Hong Kong, London and Copenhagen. They have been received with immense enthusiasm in the press and magazines and their work has featured in numerous international magazines such as Portfolio, IDEA magazine, Graphic, Sexymachinery, This is a magazine and Textfield.


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