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nail oil 13:00 - uka
nail oil 13:00 - uka
nail oil 13:00 - uka

nail oil 13:00 - uka

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<nail oil 13:00>

Refresh yourself in the afternoon sleepiness and recharge.
Refreshing scents such as refreshing mint and lemon and pine that support vitality, spices with the spread of Ritzakubeba and the scent of marjoram enhance the exhilaration in addition to the refreshing feeling. It gives you a refreshing and positive feeling. Moisturizes and keeps your skin fresh so you can use it while you work.

Texture: Moist and smooth

Contents: 5mL

Product features

Organic materials are used as raw materials. No synthetic preservatives or fragrances are added.
Apply on your shoulders and neck to refresh. Also as a fragrance. It can be used as a multi in any scene.

how to use

1. Coat the tip of the bottle to the base of your nails and apply from one coat to a lid.

2. Rub the nails of both hands together and spread the oil evenly on all fingers.

3. Massage your fingers when your fingers are tired.

Content ingredient

Almond oil, Argania spinosa kernel oil, jojoba oil, mint oil, wheat germ oil, Majorana leaf oil, Pinus sylvestris leaf oil, lemon peel oil, spearmint oil, Aomoji fruit oil, shimeji koji leaf oil, oleander seed oil, citral, Citronellol, geraniol, limonene, linalool

* Effects / effects may vary between individuals.
* If disagreement with your skin, discontinue use and consult a doctor.


<About uka>

Founded by Kiho Watanabe, an internationally renowned nail artist, the brand uka is revolutionizing the world of handcare and hair care by offering its demanding customers products designed to adapt to their specific needs and urban lifestyle.

uka total beauty salons, very popular among Japanese people, are known for the high quality services they provide and the luxurious setting in which they welcome their guests with an unrivaled hospitality.


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