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Hair Treatment Nighty night - uka

Hair Treatment Nighty night - uka

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<Hair Treatment Nighty night>

Nighty Night is a mask-type uka hair treatment

that repairs damaged hair, gives it luster and moisture, and moisturizes.

Contents: 200mL

Product features

1) Soft and cohesive with argan oil and shea butter to give shiny hair. It's a mask type that repairs the cuticle's peeled hair and gives it gloss, so long hair that has been damaged and dry can also be firmly gathered.

2) By blending γ-docosalactone, a hair repair ingredient, the hair breaking strength increases with continued use, and it is possible to bring it closer to healthy hair.

Fragrance: A heavy woody note mainly composed of sandalwood and natural damask rose flower water are used to make it gorgeous and sexy. It is a scent that makes you feel the quietness of the night and feels relaxed and calm. 

how to use

After shampooing, remove the water thoroughly and let it spread on the entire area, such as the tips of your hair, where damage is a concern. If you want to improve the effect, leave it for 3 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

Content ingredient

* Water- * Damask rose flower water- * Grape seed oil- * Glycerin- * Behenyl alcohol- * Propanediol- * Hydrogenated rapeseed oil alcohol- * Methylheptyl laurate- * Glyceryl stearate-Steartrimonium chloride- * Hexa ( (Hydroxystearic acid / stearic acid / rosin acid) Dipentaerythrityl Behenyl PG Trimonium Chloride * Shea butter * Argania spinosa kernel oil * Sage leaf extract Rose flower extract ** Scented Acacia oil * Patchouli oil * Amiri balsamifera bark oil * Hiba oil * Palmarosa oil * Eucalyptus leaf oil * PCANA * Sericin * Soy sterol * Guar hydroxy propyltrimonium Chloride Behentrimonium Chloride De * Glyceryl caprylate * Tri (caprylic acid / capric acid) glyceryl ethylhexyl glycerin polyquaternium-7 quaternium-18 * dimer dilinoleic acid dimer dilinoleyl ** γ-docosalactone pentylene glycol C14-22) Alcohol, alkyl (C12-20) glucoside, ethanol, isopropanol, BG, Na benzoate, fragrance

◯ Amino acid component * Naturally derived component

95% natural ingredients


<About uka>

Founded by Kiho Watanabe, an internationally renowned nail artist, the brand uka is revolutionizing the world of handcare and hair care by offering its demanding customers products designed to adapt to their specific needs and urban lifestyle.

uka total beauty salons, very popular among Japanese people, are known for the high quality services they provide and the luxurious setting in which they welcome their guests with an unrivaled hospitality.


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