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EROS Limited Edition Candle - harvest
EROS Limited Edition Candle - harvest

EROS Limited Edition Candle - harvest

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When we decided to release a limited edition Valentines Day candle, we started off by sharing ideas for a name and fragrance that not only represents honest, but has notions of passion, desire and love without being overly cliché.

Carolyn, a dear friend of honest, lived in Greece for many years and suggested the name 'Eros' from the Greek God of love and attraction. It fit perfectly with the carefully selected aphrodisiac blend of rose and sandalwood essential oils which are said to influence passion and romance. And so, the honest EROS candle was born. 

Rose essential oil has warm, deep grounding, floral middle tones and a sweet, slightly leafy top note which make it the ultimate sensual fragrance that has soothing, calming and relaxing effects. 

Sandalwood oil is known for its meditative and relaxing properties. It has a balsamic, woody aroma that enhances communication and our connection to others.

Eros will be limited to 100 candles. So take the time to indulge in our beautiful, sensual fragrance this Valentines.

Burn time approx 35hr.

Harvest candles are made using soy wax, which gives a much cleaner burn than regular paraffin wax candles as it is non-toxic, a renewable source, natural and burns longer. This makes it a much friendlier candle to burn in your home. Our wicks are made with eco-friends cotton coated in soy wax which again, help with an even, clean burn. They are each fragranced with a blend of organic essential oils and natural fragrances, giving you a higher quality of scent. 

Contains: eco soy wax, cotton wick, essential oils and natural fragrance oils of star anise, citrus fruits, cedar wood, violet, tonja, Amber, Oakmoss, vetiver.


Handmade in England.


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