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Crew neck - 正装白T(Seiso Shiro T)
Crew neck - 正装白T(Seiso Shiro T)
Crew neck - 正装白T(Seiso Shiro T)
Crew neck - 正装白T(Seiso Shiro T)
Crew neck - 正装白T(Seiso Shiro T)
Crew neck - 正装白T(Seiso Shiro T)

Crew neck - 正装白T(Seiso Shiro T)

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<Crew neck T-shirt>

"I can't find any White T-shirt suit for Party or Formal place. "
Our research and development started from such a question.

During that two-year process, We learned that The problem,
white T had been produced as underwear. We need it to update.

We need to make different things from underwear.
We are proud to deliver our product to you.

TEAM "Formal white T-Shirt".


Movie : Seiso Shiro T


Invisible your nipples

With an elegant design and thick material, your nipples will be invisible (*),
and also be Ideal for business scene wardrobes and formal ceremonies.
(*) Excluding conditions such as bathing while wearing it and exposing it to extremely strong light.


100% Organic Cotton

We wanted cotton that was grown without using pesticides as much as possible.
First we visited to Japanese cotton farms in Japan to pick cotton to know the real.
Our products are made of Organic cotton from Uganda, India and United States.


Made in Japan

We confirmed the process from the beginning with Taishobo, which is one of the largest factory in Japan
for organic cotton spinning.In addition, the pattern is made by Seiko Co., Ltd., which is particular about manufacturing, and it is sewn its own factory, Couture Inc.
It is produced by TSS system (Toyota production System) with skilled operators.

[Notes] 1. Size data shows average data for each size after shrinking in a home washing machine. 2.We do not accept returns with washing by yourself. 3. If you find a perfect fit before washing, we recommend that you purchase a larger product. 4. Shipping charges are not included in the item price. Please click the purchase button and check the total price including shipping before purchasing. 5. Because we use organic cotton that is hand-picked, black cotton patterns may occasionally be mixed in a part of the material. please note that. 6. Reservations cannot be canceled after the reservation sale period ends. Thank you for your understanding. 7. Formal white T shirt is a trademark of R Inc.


Shirt length Chest / Bust length Shoulder width Sleeve length Collar width Average height(M) Average height(F)
S 62.5 47.5 44 18 17.5 145-155 155-165
M 64 49.5 45.5 19 18 155-165 165-175
L 65.5 51.5 47 20 18.5 165-175 175-185
XL 67 53.5 48.5 21 19 175-185 185-


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