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Baby Alpaca Tabi Socks / Grey - Yu-ito
Baby Alpaca Tabi Socks / Grey - Yu-ito

Baby Alpaca Tabi Socks / Grey - Yu-ito

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Baby alpaca is a valuable material that is combed out only from the soft fur of alpaca within 3 months of age.
It is hairy and has a unique sliminess, and is characterized by its natural luster and excellent moisturizing power. Its bristles are similar to fine, soft cashmere, but have a tougher texture and are much warmer and warmer.

As for the feeling of wearing, unlike ordinary wool, the fine-grained fibers are very gentle and soft to the touch, giving you the feeling of being gently wrapped in addition to the warmth. In addition, these socks are resistant to stains and friction, so they are resistant to pilling and can be worn for many seasons.

Popular tabi type. Not only for going out, but also as room socks. This product has a cute cable pattern on the calf side and is available in two colors.

 ・When washing, please use water with a fashionable detergent (Emar, Akron, etc.) dissolved in it or warm water below 30°C and press it quickly. As fast as possible to prevent shrinkage. Please do not soak and wash.
 ・Do not use alkaline detergents or bleaches. Use fabric softener for a nice texture.
 ・Never use a dryer. You can prevent it from losing its shape by adjusting its shape and laying it flat to dry.

[About the brand tag used on the package]

・The brand tag used on the package of this product is made of seed paper.
・Seed Paper is an eco-friendly recycled paper that is made by recycling used paper that has become paper waste and incorporating various flower seeds and herb seeds.
・If you soak it in water overnight and bury it in the soil, it will germinate in a few days, and the paper part will gradually decompose and return to the soil in a few months.

 Be kind to the environment, everyone, please try to grow flowers and herbs.

[Product Name]
Baby Alpaca Tabi Cable Pattern 2 Color Switchable Crew Length Socks: 23-25cm

 Alpaca: 80%
 Polyester: 18%
 Polyurethane: 2%