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Sake Pitcher - NOUSAKU
Sake Pitcher - NOUSAKU

Sake Pitcher - NOUSAKU

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In 1916, they commenced the production of Buddhist altar equipment in Takaoka, Toyama Prefecture, utilizing the casting techniques that had been passed down in the region. Casting involves creating products by pouring molten metal into molds, and Takaoka is renowned as one of Japan's leading areas for cast metal production.
They were the pioneering manufacturer to take advantage of the distinctive properties of pure tin, enabling them to craft unique products that could be easily molded and transformed.


The brand decorated gold leaf on the inside of one mouth of the size 100% tin.

They collaborated with gold leaf, a traditional craft representing Kanazawa. The glossy gold leaf makes the sake even more. The flavour of sake lives as it is, and it is especially perfect for Daiginjo sake, which is preferred in cold sake. It is simple and not too big, so it can also be used as a dressing container or tableware. Because the tin is soft and not suitable for mechanical work, one mouth finished by one by one by a craftsman is completed by pasting gold leaf one by one by the hand of a craftsman in Kanazawa.

The high-class finish is also recommended for celebrations and gifts.


Product information

Size: H60 W139 D87

Full water capacity: 235cc

Box size: H63 W95 D144

Boxed weight: 380g

Material: 100% tin, gold leaf

Box specification: A gift box


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